What can you do along with College that gets you your dream Career?

What can you do along with College that gets you your dream Career?

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Whether you are studying to be a doctor or an air-hostess, whether it’s a B-School that’s your ultimate destination or you see yourself being a bureaucrat, at the end of it, all of us are salesmen. Some sell ideas, some sell services and some sell products.

Whatever it is, you better be good at it. While your college gives you technical knowledge, bookish wisdom and some field experience, the know-hows and nuances of a successful career are above and beyond a piece of paper which is your degree.

In today’s fast paced competitive world, you need to be street smart, well-versed with technology and must have skills outside of your degree. Nobody wants run of the mill engineers anymore. There’s a surge in demand for engineers who can design and conceptualize as well. So it only makes sense for students to pick up a few extra classes and make best use of their time.

Here are a few things that you can do along with your college or job to enhance your soft skills and digital marketing skills to level up your game. Because we all know, the world belongs to those who walk the extra mile.

A Course in Soft Skills

The most underrated and yet in demand these days are soft skills. Your etiquette, your command over the language, the way you put your point across and how you handle stress are as important as your B school knowledge. What’s the point in being the best engineer and not meeting your deadline?

As is rightly said, your mannerisms speak before you do and your etiquette says volumes without you having to utter a word. Hard skills can be honed and improved upon but soft skills are the tougher nuts to crack. How sometimes you see somebody and say that he/she is naturally charismatic and ends up being likeable. Well that could easily be you.

All you need is some help and some guidance. The best time to prepare yourself for a good professional career, that dream or that business deal is to acquire soft skills while you still have time and while you’re young in your career.

Imagine buying a beautiful gift and not wrapping is nicely.it would lose its value. Similarly, excelling in class and missing out on soft skills would be deterrent to your career.

RMS Training Hub in Chandigarh has a wonderful soft skills course for college goers, fresher’s and anybody who wants to develop their personality.

Digital Marketing Course

Back in 2010, when Facebook started its paid marketing, very few knew how to use social media to increase their business and turn their small local businesses into big online brands. We no longer just live in a digital world, we live it. Whether a small cafe next door or a huge multinational, everybody has a digital presence today. Unless you want to be left behind, you must consider taking a short term course on digital marketing. In fact, companies are now looking for individuals with multiple skills. They would prefer a sales executive with soft skills over somebody who just knows digital marketing or just knows how to go on field. This is the era of amalgamation of multitude of skills and if your resume has a certificate in digital marketing, you are already going to be ahead of your competitors. In fact, you can also work as a freelancer expert for various companies if the need be.

Many college goers work as social media analysts or content creators on the side and make some extra buck on the side. A certificate course would only hone your skills and make you more sought-after and well-received in the market, whatever your profession may be. Check out the comprehensive course by RMS training hub which certified by none other than the very renowned Tata Institute of Social Science-School of Vocational Education (TISS-SVE). TISS-SVE and Marketing Expert together on a CV are bound to secure you a good job to say the least.

A Basic Certificate Course in Design

Believe it or not, the next era belongs to the designers. Whether it’s a garment or a food product, everything has to look pretty and nice these days. Every industry, every brand, every hospital and every coffee shop has a budget for design and branding. So if you’re good with Adobe Creative Cloud, there won’t be a dearth of jobs.

Hone your Skills and Build on Your Hobbies

As a fun fact, Google allows all its employees to use 20% of their time in doing what they like. So the goggles are allowed to work on their ideas during this 20% time and this is what gave birth to YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps as well. In fact even Twitter was created in that 20% time. You have a hobby, build on it and work on it. There was this girl who loved calligraphy and offered to send people postcards a few years ago. She took her calligraphy and painting seriously and today, she has her own brand by the name of ‘The Ink Bucket’ which is getting accolades from world over.

Find out what you are good at and then be better at it!

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