Top 9 benefits of getting certified in PG Diploma from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Top 9 benefits of getting certified in PG Diploma from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

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If you have a passion for learning, a zest to make a dent and a willpower to make the world a better place, you have probably knocked the right door. When people talk about social sciences, the mighty name that pops up in almost everybody’s head is TISS, acronym for Tata Institute of Social Sciences. If you just want a degree, this might not be your place but if you want to be enlightened, TISS-SVE is where you can give wings to your dreams.

One of the oldest social science institutes in the country, Tata Institute of Social Sciences has a beautiful main campus in Mumbai and has 2 more off site campuses in Guwahati and Hyderabad. It is home to people from different cultures, a variety of beliefs and different professions as well. This is a place where the better among the best come together to create a magical experience for one another. Here is a list of things, facilities and benefits of studying at TISS which would make anyone want to go back to college.

1) Lush Green Campus with Sports Facilities– Here you can play basketball, football and badminton etc with an on-campus gym facility as well.

2) International Tie-Ups– The institute is well renowned and has been acknowledged by the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jawaharlal Nehru. It has received accolades from the United Nations as well. With its collaborations around the world, it’s an attraction for those students who wish to acquire world class education. International collaborations of TISS include London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Edinburgh, University of Columbia and University of Pennsylvania.

3) Learned, Progressive and Broad Minded Faculty– It’s usually the faculty that makes or breaks an institution. At TISS, most of the faculty includes PhD scholars and famous personalities, people who are stalwarts and big names in their respective fields. You will learn from the best minds of the country. Education is less rote learning and didactic and more of mental and spiritual evolution at TISS. A lot of students who went to TISS quote, ‘ We entered like stones and came out like water; flexible, soft, empathetic and ready to take on the world.’ The teachers are more like mentors and guides, much less like the ones from conventional hierarchy based system. The classrooms are spacious and positive in general with a teacher student ratio of 1: 20.

4) Equality in all Forms and Shapes– As they say, actions define a person or an organization. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is one of the first institutions in the country to have gender neutral hostels and also provides hostels for transgenders. A place where all walks of society are accepted and come together is where magic and learning happen.

5) Medical Insurance and Healthcare Facilities– Very few institutions care about their students as much as TISS does. For the duration of your course, your health is ensured and insured. There’s an in-house doctor available to cater to physical and mental health of the students round the clock. Many part time councillors have been employed by university for the sake of mental well-being of the students and staff.

6) Placements– With hardly 15-20 students per batch per course, TISS boasts of 100 percent placements. While 90 % are employed during campus recruitments, 100% placements have been a record within 6 months of finishing the course. Big names such as Amazon, Maruti, Suzuki, Citibank, Manipal Hospitals etc have opened their vacancies to Tata Institute of Social Sciences. TISS placements are efficient, fruitful and well-coordinated. Average placements range for 7-8 lac per annum and go up to 28 lac per annum as well.

7) Safety– The campus is completely safe for women. There’s freedom for everyone and yet this freedom comes with responsibility. The faculty and students ensure that women’s safety is given utmost importance at TISS.

8) 24*7 Library– Because the institution believes in free learning, students can access the library any time of the day without hesitation. There’s a whole ocean of books to refer to and learn from.

9) Amalgamation of Cultures– TISS promotes cultural exchange and the celebration of different regional festivities is one of its kind here.

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