Top 5 Short Courses one must learn during the College for a great career ahead

Top 5 Short Courses one must learn during the College for a great career ahead

In the 20th Century, If anyone had a degree, they were rich and affluent. Anyone who gave any exam cleared it and could get a government job. In the early 2000s, anyone who had MBA degree was considered gold. For that matter, it’s then that even an average IT professional got handsome salary. Alas! We no longer have such privileges and no longer is landing a decent job easy. Your college degree is great, but everyone has a degree these days. The run of mill colleges have made it so easy to get a degree that no longer are graduates or postgraduates a rarity. Population has exploded so much that M-tech professionals apply for Chowkidar posts.

Unfortunately, we live in difficult times, the era where Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory holds truer than ever. So if you want a name for yourself and if you want to land a decent job, you need to acquire some skills that would distinguish you from your peers.

1. Digital Marketing

Needless to say, we live in a digital era. As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population has internet access. So the only way to communicate as a job seeker, as an employer or as a startup is by having some digital presence. With so much content being created every minute, there’s an explosion there as well. But since digital marketing was never a formal degree or a formal course and there are still few individuals and firms who are well versed with it, there is a lot of scope.

So whether you want to become a youtuber or go in to social media marketing, this is one skill you must possess. What a government job was to 80s and what IT degree was to 90s and 2000s, digital marketing is today’ goldmine.

You can find a course in digital marketing for various needs online. RMS School in Chandigarh has one of the finest and most comprehensive courses in digital marketing as of today.

2. Certificate in HR

Every lock has a key and every human too has a key. Legendary Harvey Specter said that a smart man doesn’t play the odds, he plays the man. Unless you understand how to make best use of and play a role in making livelihoods better, your job remains undone. Everybody should know how to manage the mightiest resource that we will have have; humans!

With the aforementioned courses, give yourself the headstart you deserve and wish for. Because nothing ever came easy and without hardwork.

3. Finance

The backbone of every society is finance. It’s the ones who understand money who make it and keep it. Sadly, finance is a difficult nut to crack and also, it is not taught in school. So unless you understand the basics of finance, you will remain a middle class. To soar greater heights, you need to learn and master microfinance.

4. Sales & Marketing

Whatever field you are in, marketing is obviously essential and it all boils down to a strategy. Strategic marketing is a relatively new course which has been introduced. With different case studies and sales acumen, you will be able to plan sales, monitor them and actually create a sound plan for your company. Whatever your eventual goal might be, a certificate in Strategic Marketing will only strengthen your CV.

5. A Course in Soft Skills

Someone rightly said that you can have everything if you have the personality. A personality here doesn’t mean fancy cars and jazzy clothes. Your etiquette, your attitude, your communication skills and your overall demeanor makes the first impression. So whether you want to take up a job, sit for placements or you want to start your own business, you can’t really do without soft skills. You might know a lot of math or may be a genius but what’s the point if you can’t put forth your ideas and impress your clients?

RMS School provides a comprehensive course to build your overall personality and hone your soft skills. The best time to take such a course is while you are still in college, so that you can be placement ready and perfect yourself for that startup of yours.

All The Best!

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