Why Digital Marketing beats Traditional Marketing?

As the new century began, the era of marketing also changed its face. From 2000, the internet started sowings its seeds in the marketing field and now in 2018 the fruits are grown. Every business or industry now focuses more on digital marketing than traditional marketing because the number of people using internet is far more than any other mode of communication.

Now, what is traditional marketing and what is digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is a form of marketing which is followed by generations. In this type of marketing we use old – tested techniques, methods or promotions which has proven  success in many years.

Digital MARKETING is a form of marketing in which one promotes his or her business digitally. In this type of marketing we use social media platforms, Google, display advertisement and other more interactive, user friendly and low cost methods. It is mainly done through internet but mobile marketing is also used.



Other forms of marketing such as newspaper advisement, banner, TV, radio are costly where as Digital Marketing is a cost effective method. You just need wifi, laptop and very small investment.

At 1/10th cost you reach 10 times audience, in a much lesser time with an advertisement whose life is lifetime, not like a newspaper which is disposed in 24 hours.

Record :

From various tools such as Google Analytics and insight tools you can keep a record of your website. Its easy to make records in digital marketing rather than in traditional marketing.

So you can analyse the amount spent and response. Thus help in strategic decision making of future actions.

Targeted audience: 

In Digital marketing, you can set a targeted audience that who can view your advertisement and promotions where as in traditional marketing it is not possible for you to set a targeted audience. As TV, radios and newspapers are accessible to all. So, no set audience can be targeted.

Whole world is your market :

In digital marketing whole world can be your market. You can advertise locally and internationally both with very less resources. But in traditional market it is very difficult to access the whole world. Huge capital and lot of resources are required to reach at that position.

Interaction with the consumers :

With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter you can interact with the customers and you can know their issues about the product or service you are providing where as in traditional marketing it is not possible to interact directly with the customers.

By these facts we know that digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. So, one should learn digital marketing for self-development and for the development of their business. You can learn advance digital marketing from RMS SCHOOL which is a hub partner of TISS-SVE.

(TATA Institute of Social Sciences).

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