What do you get to learn at RMS Nano Degree in Finance?

If you are from commerce background then you have a handful of options after your 12th examination like going for B.Com and then M.Com or MBA. If you want to break this monotonous and predictable path, then there is good news for you all. Now, you can choose a nano degree in finance at RMS.

As the name is already suggesting, it will be a nano degree. Thinking how it is beneficial for you? Then let's have a look at the reasons why you should enrol yourself in this degree.

1) Add Tally and GST Compliance to your Skill Set

Our nano degree in finance offers practical knowledge along with subjective knowledge. We ensure that our students get a comprehensive understanding of tally and GST compliance. We teach our students everything to become a successful professional from filing monthly and annual returns to paying taxes. After this finance course, you will be able to add tally and GST Compliance to your skillset.

2) Saves Time and Cost-Efficient

The nano degree in finance offered by RMS saves your time, and it is cost-efficient as well. If you plan to do MBA or M.Com after B.Com, then you will have to invest two years to get the degree. But with a nano degree, you will get a degree after one year.

This saves your time as well as your money. Isn't it amazing?

3) Become Job-Ready

You will have the knowledge and skill set by the end of the year after completion of the course to do the work with full efficiency. With the help of practical knowledge, you will become job-ready within one year. Internships, along with the degree, will help you a lot in the long run.

4) Guaranteed Internship

RMS ensures 100% guaranteed internship. It isn't easy to find this benefit at any other institute. You must be well aware that internship experience will give you a special edge over your competitors.

With the nano degree in finance offered by RMS, you will get an internship opportunity. You won't ever regret choosing this degree as well as the institute.

Imagine, instead of wasting two years, you will be getting everything by the end of one year like acquiring practical knowledge, internship, and all such things. What else do you want?

So, it is the right time for you to take the decision. Don't participate in the rat race by following the same old conventional ways of getting your dream job. You have to make smart choices.

The nano degree in finance is the choice which will help you to achieve success quickly. So, don't delay your decision. Go, get yourself enrolled with RMS for postgraduate finance courses. Be part of the best finance programme now!

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