Make the Right Career Move! Let’s Help You Out

Which career option is good for you? Not able to decide? Exploring career options but not getting what you want? Let’s help you in finding the right career option.

In the time of the pandemic, where everything seems to fall apart, is giving rise to another set of concerns regarding the education sector. COVID 19 has changed lots of things. It also affected the growth of students. They are the ones who have brains and capabilities to take their nation to new heights.

There is a perfect saying that the dawn will appear after the darkest hour of the night. Same goes with our life, COVID 19 is just becoming the darkest night and RMS is emerging like that ray of light which will bring the brightest hour in the life of students.

Let’s have a look at what RMS is and what it is providing?

RMS (Realpro Management and Skill school) is an institute which is a hub of different certification courses. We believe, no matter what the situation is you can always come forward and gain knowledge plus you can earn too.

Nowadays everyone wants to match their pace of growth with the world and that is indeed the requirement. Postgraduate diploma and certificate courses are in vogue as they lead to quick employment.

RMS, the Training Hub Partner of TISS-SVE, provides various Certificate, Graduate & Post Graduate Courses that allow students & working professionals to enhance their skills and get mandatory industry exposure.

We are offering students with a wide range of certification courses online in accounting and finance field, human resource field and digital marketing field.

In Post Graduate HR, we train students in 7 areas, divided in 2 sets. Each set is a separate certificate program.

Set 1: Recruitment management, employee Engagement and Payroll and Compensation Management - 3 months program

Set 2: Performance Management, Office Administration, Training and Development and Grievance management.

In Post Graduate Finance Course, we train students in 7 areas in 2 sets. Only first set is a separate certificate program

Set 1: Book Keeping and Accounting at Tally Software, GST, ITR and TDS Compliance and Return filing and Basic Drafting Skills.

In Digital Marketing Courses, we train in these 7 areas:

Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click(PPC), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization(SMO), Google Analytics, and Website Planning & Structure.

RMS not only provide you with ample of practical knowledge but also provides you with many job opportunities from top-notch brands in the industry.

As per student’s convenience RMS is conducting online classes and that too at the time which is suitable for you. There are different batches of online certification courses for students or even for those who are already working.

RMS is acting as a torchbearer for students and trying to shed the gloomy clouds away. RMS is trying its level best to impart knowledge and skills for the betterment of society. It is fulfilling its duty towards the society by contributing the best and skilled professionals.

A diamond is always polished before coming into the market. RMS polish the student’s skills before making them job-ready. You must be aware that climbing a mountain is not a piece of cake but the view after reaching at the peak is beyond any explanation.

Same way COVID-19 may be acting as that dangerous mountain which you are about to climb but trust me RMS will guide you throughout the journey to reach at the apex. And in the post corona era, you will have a success story to share.

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