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Real Estate Business

How to do Real Estate Business Without any Investment-

do it with other people’s money OPM.


I think that we all find ourselves getting stuck when it comes to invest funds- sometimes we don’t have and sometimes we can’t afford risk. (Even if you are an entrepreneur and has great risk taking capacity you would like to know how to make others invest on your vision)

We all think we have a good deal, we all think that we have the knowledge, but when it comes to the money we find ourselves short. Our friends and family are telling us no, the banks tell you no, and most of all you say no to yourself. Without a target, you won’t get anyplace. You look at your first deal based on the money you have, and many of you give up on the real estate game because you don’t have any money. When you get started you don’t have any money, right?

Let me tell you there is no such thing as no money down. No bank will lend you money with no money down, and no seller will carry a note without you putting some money down even if it’s a promise to do money in the future. There is no such thing as no money down because the money is going to come from somewhere.

The first thing is that the deal is what matters, not how much money you have. I say it doesn’t take money to make money, it takes guts and courage. The thing you should be chasing is the deal, not your budget. Most people make decisions on how much money they need based on their job and on how much money they spend, but this is backward. You should make the decision on how much money you want regardless of how much money you spend.

The secret is called OPM — other people’s money. It’s going be somebody’s money. How do you get the money from other people? Finances are about playing offense, not defense. Instead of chasing a 20 lacs, chase a 2 crores deal. Do not buy less than 16 units, because without 16 units you cannot have a manager. If you can’t have a manager you’re either not going to have your attention on the property or your property will become your full-time job.

Go to investors, and give them a good deal. You’re going to have to offer a good deal because people are taking a chance on you. Who would you go to first — mom, dad, uncle, brother, sister? You can go look for investors in your local area, maybe a real estate investment club because those are the people who maybe don’t have enough time but want to put their money to real estate.

You’ve got friends and relatives giving their money to useless FDs and Mutual Funds, because they don’t know much investment avenues. You need to convince them to go in

with you. Their money has been reduced to little digits and it’s backed by nothing.

Money basically represents an idea backed by confidence. You need to raise money.


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