How Strategic Marketing can fuel your Digital Marketing Career in 2019?

How Strategic Marketing can fuel your Digital Marketing Career in 2019

certificate course in strategic marketing

Gone are the days when marketing included heavy budgets for billboards, radio shout outs and television advertisements. This is the 21st century and you need to present your brand to the world every minute of every single day and on different platforms, catering to different demographics altogether and yet differently as well. While you do need money, you need Strategic Marketing more than anything else.


Whether it’s a small cafe next door or a multinational company, a college blogger or a celebrity, everybody is marketing themselves on instagram these days, which implies that there is a dire need of Digital Marketing Analysts, Content Creators, Social Media Experts and Strategic Marketing. Brands can’t just put up pictures or blind advertisements. They need to connect with their clients, be inclusive and holistic.If you are a college going student with some spare time at hand, it’s a very good time for you to invest yourself in acquiring a certificate course in Strategic Marketing. You can get this certified course from the elite TISS-SVE with the help of RMS School.


A Brief about Strategic Marketing

 Whatever business you are in and whatever your product may be, you need to be ahead of the pack and you need to go on reinventing yourself again and again, and then one more time. The process is never ending. You also need to ensure that you have a certain image in the market. Your brand needs to stand for something substantial and it has to connect with the people.  While it sounds easy, it is a task where you need to understand the psychology of masses, touch their hearts and compel them to buy your products while also ensuring that they remain loyal to you. A multinational company or a small scale industry would go and hire a specialist who has the required qualification.

A lot of people who are certified in Strategic Marketing work as freelancers for big firms while others increase their hirability quotient by adding skills such as Strategic Marketing to their portfolio.

  • The basic job of a Strategic Marketing specialist is to answer the Where, When and How of Competition.
  • Where to compete? Who are the competitors?
  • What is a good time for investment and competition?
  • How to compete and differentiate a brand from competition?

All businesses these days rely on ‘Sales Management’ and turning potential buyers to loyal clients. It is imperative today, that each brand has a story and an anecdotal approach towards its marketing strategies and brand identity. For example, Hyundai came up with this series of videos about people’s sentiments and emotions attached to their Hyundai cars. Later there was a competition for the best video, which was based on voting by the public. In the process, Hyundai brought out real life stories, thus involving both the customers and the viewers.Today’s marketing is very different. It’s a fine blend of art, storytelling and numbers.


Here’s What You Can Learn From A Strategic Marketing Course:

 When a brand decides on its marketing campaign, the first few things that are addressed are consumer behavior and market analysis following which strategies are planned and sales are pitched. At RMS, the faculty focuses on imparting the required skills to grab the market’s attention, invoke interest in various ways and create a sense of desire and urgency, eventually leading to sales.

It basically involves understanding consumer psychology and modifying it to get the customers to buy products. This strategy, called AIDAS Technique, if not applied meticulously, would result in ineffective sales campaigns.

A certificate course in Strategic Marketing will prepare you for creating your own name, for selling your brand and selling yourself to the market. So whether you are an engineering student or a pharmacy student, this course is bound to help you hone your skills. After all, everything boils down to marketing, sales and numbers.

RMS is the best school for a short term course in North India for the same and a certificate from TISS-SVE is definitely going to look good on your CV.

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