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Internship means an opportunity given by an employer to students interested in gaining work experience from a particular industry they are interested in. Internships are mostly for 3-6 months. Interns are supervised by professionals in the field. Internships develop leadership skills and also helps to get along with the team raising the cooperation level. Interns can view the workplace and get alongside with the professionals in chosen area and see if it matches expectations. There are number of online web sites available where you can apply for the internship. LinkedIn, Internshala, Intern match are some on the famous websites where you can apply for internships. Another way of getting an internship is from the training and placements cells established at schools and colleges.

Benefits of internship:

Internship is very beneficial for students who still have to go to college as it will enhance their knowledge about their field and moreover it is helpful in deciding the which field we want to choose in their concerned stream like a commerce student can decide whether he wants to join field of marketing , finance , human resource management and operations.

  • Internships are helpful as they help students getting work experience before actually they go out to find the job.
  • It helps students to explore the path they want to choose in their career as it is helpful so they can choose further studies/courses according to their field of interest.
  • Internships help students in exploring the hidden talents in them and developing their skills.
  • It is also helpful from the financial point of view as in paid internships students will be able to handle their own expenses and will reduce their dependability on their parents.
  • Internship in a well reputed company will help the interns to get into a network of professionals in the field.
  • Internships help in gaining confidence and improves communication.
  • Interns can also convert their internship into a job if the employer offers them so.
  • Internships are also helpful in boosting the CV of a student as skills and experience will add up.
  • As we know internships are for shorter period of time so it will act as a testing path for the career the one wishes to choose.
  • Internships are also beneficial when you are next time into an interview and will show your potential to next employer.

So rather than wasting the time of laptop playing games and watching movies all the time one should go out and find a path for their career.

To get an internship, you can contact us on http://www.rmsschool.com
Maximum amount/stipend that companies pays you is Rs.8000/- month. Your classes will be held on weekends (Sat & Sun) & internship will be on weekdays(Mon-Fri).You can enroll by paying Rs. 4500/Month.

BENEFITS of joining RMS:-

  • Internships are helpful as they help students getting work experience before actually they go out to find the job.
  • Opportunity to do internship with Big Brands.
  • Get paid/stipend for work done under internship Max Rs.8000/- month.
  • Work experience certificate/internship certificate from brand with which u will do your internship.
  • We will help u with placements also after completion of ur course.
  • Classes will be held in Chandigarh only but internship & Placements can be arranged anywhere PAN India.
  • Classes will be held on weekends (Sat & Sun) & internship will be on weekdays (Mon-Fri).


You can do internship in either HR or Sales & Marketing or Digital Marketing.

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