Post Graduate Diploma in HR and Administration

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Introduction and Course Objectives

Organizations are established to achieve specific goals. These goals may be achieved depending on the motivation & abilities of its employees. Human resource plays a vital role in helping companies deal with the fast changing environment and the demand for quality workforce. The size of the HR department is directly proportional to the size of the company. In a small firm, HR may be managed by a single person. The bigger the organization, the more elaborate the HR department.

It is an organizational function that deals with people and issues related to people that includes, recruitment, performance management, compensation, training & development, employee relations, grievance handling.

Besides the functions listed above, some of the other functions that an HR department performs background checks, exit interviews, risk management, dispute resolution, and safety inspection and office policies.

This course will provide the candidate with the knowledge related to some of the core functions of HR as well as some important functions of Administration.

Benefits of HR Training

  • BUILDING teams in an organization.
  • BUILDING an organizational culture.


Eligibility for Admission

  • Graduates
  • Working professional


Main Modules

Module 1: Recruitment Management
Module 2: Payroll & Compensation
Module 3: Performance Management (Performance Appraisal)
Module 4: Office Administration
Module 5: Training & Development

In various small and mid-sized organisations the HR & admin functions are clubbed together as it may not require separate teams to handle these functions. Moreover the complexities involved would be less due to lesser number of employees to handle and smaller area of operations. In such cases it is imperative that the professionals handling such roles are conversant with both the functions.

Thus this course of PG Diploma in HR & Administration will provide the candidate with the knowledge related to some of the core (transactional) functions of HR as well as some functions of Admin work.



Course Features

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₹77,000.00 ₹6,417.00

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