Best Graduation Course in Banking and Finance in Chandigarh

B. VOC Degree in B.F.S.I

B. VOC Degree in B.F.S.I

The Banking industry plays an important role in the development of an economy. In a country as vast as India there is a large unbanked population (typically the population that is living below the poverty line) whose banking needs are addressed by specialized institutions like micro finance companies.

Main Concepts

Students will understand the need, importance, roles & responsibilities of banks and micro finance institutions.

Learning Objectives

This module is designed to help students get a basic understanding of:

  • The business of banking
  • The different types of banks
  • The role of Central Banks
  • Micro Finance companies and their importance in a country like India
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BankingMicrofinance – Introduction & Overview

  • Overview of the BFSI domain in India
  • Role & importance of banks in an economy
  • Structure of Indian banking industry
  • Banker-Customer relationship
  • Reserve Bank of India and its role
  • Types of banks in India
  • Overview of basic banking products & services
  • Financial inclusion & exclusion
  • Need for and importance of microfinance
  • What is microfinance
  • Evolution of microfinance in India
  • Mainstream microfinance institutions
  • Different models of microfinance
  • SHGs – what they are and why they are important
  • MFIs and legal forms
  • Typical organizational structure of MFs
  • Typical Products & Services/ Customers served


Method of Teaching:
  • 20% Theory & 80% Practical.


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