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Soft Skill Course

Soft Skill Course


Your Communication Skills, Etiquette, Attitude, Time Management, Stress Management, are a Reflection of your career growth. We, at RMS, shape your personality to shape your career.

Soft skills have more to do with who people are, rather than what they know. Soft skills represent the traits that decide how well one interacts with others and is a definite part of one’s personality. Hard skills (Technical Knowledge) can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are not so easy to acquire.

Soft Skills for Workers

Employers look for a balance of hard and soft skills when they make hiring decisions. For example, employers value skilled workers with a track of getting the job done on time. Employers also value workers with strong communication skills and a strong understanding of company products and services. When communicating with prospective clients, workers with good communication skills can put together compelling presentations even if their job is not of Sales or Marketing. Other valued soft skills are the ability to guide fellow co-worker on new tasks and cultural fit.

Course Benefits

1: Communicative Skills

  • Ability to deliver idea clearly, effectively and with confidence either orally or in writing.
  • Ability to practice active listening skill and respond.
  • Ability to present clearly and confidently to the audience.


2: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

  • Ability to identify and analyze problems in difficult situation and make justifiable evaluation.
  • Ability to expand and improve thinking skills such as explanation, analysis and evaluate discussion.
  • Ability to find ideas and look for alternative solutions.


3: Team work

  • Ability to build a good rapport, interact and work effectively with others.
  • Ability to understand and play the role of a leader and follower alternatively.
  • Ability to recognize and respect other’s attitude, behavior and beliefs.


4: Ethics Moral & Professional

  • Ability to understand the economy crisis, environment and social cultural aspects professionally.
  • Ability to analyze make problem solving decisions related to ethics.


5: Leadership Skills

  • Knowledge of the basic theories of leadership.
  • Ability to lead a project.

Traditionally, people don’t receive adequate soft skills training but this certified course helps the individual to be a better citizen..

Course Modules

Module-2:Communication Skills
Module-3:Personality Development
Module-4:Managerial Skills


3 Months

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